Ethical & Responsible

Ardmac is fully committed to ethically and responsibly managing all aspects of our operations with respect to our employees, clients, neighbours, local communities, and all stakeholders.

We have set out clear objectives aligned with the company’s core values and deliver measurable social outcomes. We support each and every office in our network to individually meet these objectives, and we continuously engage with our staff, our management, and the community to evolve our CSR strategies and improve engagement across the company and within the recognised Corporate Responsibility pillars of Community, Marketplace, Workplace and Environment.

CSR Community CSR


Ardmac invests in scalable and self-sustaining programs that focus on meeting some of society’s biggest challenges.

We deploy our expertise, technology, partnerships, and financial resources to back organisations and initiatives that improve people’s lives. Some of these partnerships include Techies for Temple Street, The Christie Hospital, Irish Cancer Society, St. Vincent De Paul’s Annual Christmas Toy Drives, as well as supporting the local sports clubs of our staff members and communities in which we operate. In the UK, we support local organisations in the community including Mustard Tree, Macmillan and have completed volunteer activities including the redecorating of Christ Church South Way facilities.

Safety and Health Programs

We are committed to providing safe and healthy work environments for all through our guiding organisational value of Safety First before all other considerations. We continue to develop our safety management programmes to ensure that we are leaders in the management of safety and health in our industry.

Our uncompromising commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and secure work environment has been recognised with multiple awards including a RoSPA Order of Distinction for 4 years consecutively, this is awarded to companies that win a RoSPA Gold Award for 15 consecutive years.



We have an internal Safety First Programme in place. This observation and training programme has achieved unprecedented levels of participation.

We are active participants in CIF’s Safety Week, and perform weekly Tool Box Talks that highlight safety on the worksite.

Safety Awards

We have received awards recognising our position as safety leaders in a variety of sectors and services in Ireland, the UK, and internationally. This includes winning the RoSPA Health and Safety for the past 18 years in a row. We continue to build on this leadership position in 2018 and beyond.


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